My Mob Boss

best phone sexSo, I snapped out on Tony after over hearing his phone conversation in the limo. To make it up to me he introduced me to his boss/ little brother, Adriano. Adriano was everything you imagine a mob boss to be! Fancy suit, ocean smell, deep blue eyes, dark wavy hair, and thick Italian accent. Adriano seemed like a nice guy, but I chew nice guys up and spit them out. However Adriano was different he had a darkness in his eyes. I could tell he may be nice but he wasn’t soft. He offered to take me out to dinner to make up for his brothers stupidity, and I agreed for free! He took me to a super fancy restaurant, and we laughed and had a good time. He invited me back to his house, and I eagerly agreed. Once inside I made my move to try to make out with him, and he denied me! Can you believe it? I’ve never had a man tell me no! I was so hurt, and apparently he could tell. He explained he didn’t want me for sex he wanted to know me. We talked all night about our life, and why we are the way we are. I realized I never made love, but I sure know how to fuck. He told me we would change that. I fell asleep on his chest with his lips pressed to my forehead. In the morning when I woke up, he wasn’t in his bed with me. I explored every room, until I found his office where he was sitting behind a large wooden desk. He was on the phone, and it was clearly a very serious call. I couldn’t help take advantage of the opportunity. I sat on the brown leather couch across from the desk and slowly brought my dress over my head. Then I slid my bra down my arms, and teasingly removed my panties. I was left just in my heels, and I bent over the couch and looked back at him. He sucked in a deep breath and told whoever he was on the phone with that he would have to call them back. He buried that huge Italian dick in me for hours. I think I like him.

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