I’m Rebecca and I want to be your phone sex friend. I’m in college right now, completing my psychology degree to become a sex therapist. My specialty is dealing with a man’s sexuality. So many men are confused. I provide services to help them overcome ED and erection issues by stimulating the prostate. My guided masturbation sessions will help you control those premature ejaculations, if you promise to do exactly as I tell you. I use the art of edging to help you last so much longer. There are so many things I can suggest to get a stronger, more lasting erection and orgasm.

Is sexual frustration keeping you up at night? I can teach you methods over the phone to deal with this. Are you lusting over a family member. That’s ok, too. Or maybe you need someone who understands your need to wear panties and dress up like a woman.

Let’s explore this together. You may just need to get it out of your system and get your ass-pussy fucked hard. Craving a cock in your mouth is perfectly natural and we will discuss ways to find that cock without ruining your marriage.

I’m no whore. I’m sophisticated and warm. Caring and compassionate. I’ll never laugh at your needs or problems, though I will be completely sexually graphic in what I tell you. At times, we may even masturbate together as part of treatment. I use sensual hypnosis, forced feminization, voyeurism, watching porn, and femdom training for my most acute cases.

Are you ready for that special “treatment?” Only you can make that call.

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