School Girl Neighbors

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Me and Cj make such a sexy set of young whores, and we do have the best pussies if I do say so myself. As you may know, I just moved to this neighborhood, and was the new girl at school. I was a little nervous about it honestly until I met Cj. We became instant best friends. This weekend Cj came over for a sleepover. We were having a blast modeling our lingerie and uniforms for each other, and that’s when she noticed you were watching us. I can not really say that I blame you we are sexy as fuck. Besides, as my neighbor your window faces mine. I admitted to Cj I really wanted to fuck you anyways, and she decided we were going to have some fun with it first. We made sure you had a crystal clear view of us, and we started heavily making out. Our smooth wet tongues gliding against each other got both of us so wet. It was not long until we were finger fucking each others sweet young bald pussies, knowing that you were watching us. Right when we could tell you were about to cum, we motioned for you to come over to join us. Your eyes lit up like a young one in a candy store, and I swear you had to have ran over to my house in order to have gotten to my door as quickly as you did. We answered the door together still wearing barely anything, and with our fingers still dripping wet with each others sweet tasty pussy juices. We let you lick and suck our fingers clean, and led you up to my girly bedroom. We threw my stuffed animals to the floor, and pushed you onto the bed. Do you think you could handle both of us wild young girls at the same time?

best phone sex


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  1. eugene

    i could definitely handle both you young girls!

  2. James

    I want to be your Daddy!

  3. dann

    I would fuck you both any day

  4. daman

    My cock is so fucking hard right now

  5. Colton

    If you are both working on Friday I will be doing a call with the two of you. That is if you think the both of you can handle my cock.

  6. neem

    hot blogs sluts!

  7. Salvator

    I want to fuck you both with my huge BBC.

  8. Nathan

    Hot whores your call made me cum so hard.

  9. AJ

    You just made me cum so hard

  10. Carl

    two hot school girls? Hell yeah!

  11. Patrick

    I need that hot little body on my dick.

  12. timmy

    you’re so fucking sexy baby!

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