Sex on the Beach with a GFE girl

GFE phone sexWho wouldn’t want a GFE phone sex lover like me. I’m the kind of girl you take on vacation when you need something spicy in your life. You see, I’m an exhibitionist. I love for people to see us fucking. I mean, who doesn’t like watching sexy bodies slapping together on the beach. 

The first time I ever had voyeur sex, I felt a bit nervous. “Someone will see us.” I whispered. “That’s the point. I want everyone to see your smoking body, your firm tits, that waxed pussy. I want them to be jealous that I get to stick my cock in that tight hole. I want to know that they are forced to jerk off and watch.” you explained.

That made me kinda hot. After a few times of public sex, I was addicted too. Playing with the voyeurs was fun. I’d pull my shorts leg aside and rub my pussy. I knew I was fanning those flames. I grew bolder. I’d straddle you on a public beach with a towel around my waist. I’d squat right on top of your cock, easing down on it. I’d slowly gyrate in a slow, sensual circle. As you got harder, I’d pull up the towel, letting the nearby strangers see your cock gliding in and out of my smooth slit.  Beach sex was my favorite.

Watching men all around me with their hands under those towels, stroking and watching my show just took me over the edge. After I came, I’d flop down on the ground, squirming so that the sand would cling to my juicy bikini bottom right where your cum was slowly leaking out. I wonder how many loads of fuck sauce soaked into the sand that day. I am such a slut, and you love it.

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