Shush! Church is out and Love Queen Session is In!

fantasy phone sex divinaAs usual I was trying to duck the church folks that came to my door and offered their congratulations for becoming a junior minster’s wife. I wanted them to offer me sympathy because I would really have to keep my kinky lifestyle a secret. It was one of those things you know that I couldn’t help. I had to have cock as my addiction goes and would go way across to other cities and states to get it. Nothing could have been much more enduring then a late night on a phone sex chat line I met Chad. At first our talk was somewhat adventurous and flirting back and forth we laughed but as things progressed my pussy began to water with all that he wanted to do to me. Fingering my pussy and clit I began to think of all the positions he could get me in with just the sound of my voice. My lips quivered as I felt the release on my aching love hole and the bed sheets soon were drenched from the squirting.

As a clock set to a timer I quickly got off the phone and prepared for my boring church girl life. Rolling my eyes I headed to the shower to get ready for Bible Study but I just couldn’t stop thinking about Chad and all the kinky things he wanted to do. I thought of him here stroking my hands against his gigantic love sized fruit tree and turning his ass to me and letting me lick the hole like I loved. Bending over and letting me stick love beads, and ass plugs within his cheeks getting him super hard and then him leaning over and ramming my cheeks with his hard cock. Releasing his inner seed in my aching womb and letting it slide down my walls. Shrugging I wondered when the next time would be that we would talk. I hoped soon because my fingers ached to be with his again and stroke his every desire!

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