Take Me to Paris

mature phone sexParties are always so much fun- especially when they get naughty. Back when I had a boyfriend, he took me to a going away party for one of his friends. They were both tall enough to tower over me. Secretly, I thought his friend was so hot, and I’d heard he was quite the stud in bed. Many times before I had fantasized about both of them taking me at the same time. Little did I know, I was about to get my wish. After the party had been going on for a few hours, I feel my boyfriend come up behind me, pressing his boner against my round ass. We had both had a few drinks, so I thought he was pulling me off upstairs to get frisky. I hurried to pull off my too-short dress before we even got into the room. The door closed, locking behind us. I whirled around, startled by the unexpected man. To my surprise, it was his friend who already had his dick in his hand, stiff as a board. Confused, I turned back to my boyfriend, who now also was stroking a huge boner. I smiled as I was pulled from one cock to the other, getting absolutely plowed. With one fuck stick stuffing my slit and the other throat-fucking me, I had an orgasm that made my legs give out. Of course, they then held me up while they continued to demolish me. His friend may have been the one moving away, but I’m the one who went to Paris! 😉

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