Total Sissy Humiliation

Sissy humiliation

Nothing makes me wetter than seeing a cuckold suck the cock of a better man. The total humiliation and submission just makes my clit so hard. I had a really devious plan in store for my sissy husband last night. I put him in a pair of heels and tight lacy black panties and completed the look with bright red lipstick. My BBC bull fucked his ass and mouth with his 12″ rock hard cock until he was cumming in his panties. When my bull was ready to cum, he pulled out and blew his load all over my husband’s face. As if that weren’t humiliating enough,  I had even more in store for him. I didn’t allow him to wipe the cum off of his face, instead he had to wear it like the cum slut that he is. I ordered a pizza for my bull and I to enjoy. When the pizza delivery boy arrived, my husband had to open the door in his panties, heels, smeared lipstick, and cum covered face. He was totally humiliated but I could see the pitiful bulge forming in his panties. The delivery boy was in total shock at first, then finally took in the sight of me lying naked in the background with my bull. I sauntered up to him and asked if he would like to play. He immediately agreed. I sucked his cock for a bit and him and my bull took turns fucking me and double penetrating my ass and pussy. He then fucked my sissy cuck husband while I watched and got myself off with a toy. He plowed his tight ass while my husband whimpered and squirmed with delight. He came in his panties for a second time tonight as the pizza boy reamed his backdoor. Then to finish it off, he pulled out of his ass and made him suck it clean before depositing a second load of cum on his face.


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  1. ron

    look how sexy you are!

  2. Brett

    So hot babe

  3. randy

    i’d suck any cock for you, baby!

  4. Manny

    Your ads looks amazing in this pic.

  5. Ethan

    I’ll be a slutty cuckold for your sweet pussy

  6. Alex

    I have a small dick and love to suck bigger dick

  7. Micheal

    I enjoyed our call!

  8. Dan

    Hot cuckold blog baby.

  9. yourservant

    i would do anything you told me to do

  10. Anthony

    I would suck a dick for you anytime sweetheart!

  11. den

    Nice blog slut can’t wait to get you on your knees and make you take my cock whole okay??

  12. Edwin

    I love your sexy ass

  13. Ronald

    I need you right now I feel you in my both of my heads

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