Who Wants to Fuck the Boss?

mature phone sex

Being the boss has its perks, and the most obvious being that I get to have my pick of the little hotties in the office. When I call them in, they get so nervous thinking that they are going to be reprimanded in some way. The power I feel is only matched by my sexual desire. I’m in heat, and I must be pleased, worshipped and what better way than to have a young office boy on his knees under my desk making out with my pussy while I take calls and handle business?

I enjoy the teasing for as long as I can, then move to the door and close, then lock it. On the desk, I’m on my knees stroking his cock and asking him if he’d like to fuck the bossy lady. A sheepish grin spreads across his face, and his huge throbbing cock answers the question. Bent over the desk, he fucks me like every woman wants to be and I thank him and tell him to leave.

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