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After a long day at the office or in the field you long to just relax and blow off some steam. I want to be the one you call when just such an occasion occurs. I’m the one to comfort you and verbally stroke that spunk monkey to happiness.
We can hang-out together on the phone and share our favorite dirty porn videos to enjoy together. You need not worry about me judging your naughty temptations, I will nudge you on to explore and share. Your secret is safe with me and I will be here for you, baby.
You have had a hard day at work? Awe let me be the perfect girl friend and be waiting for you in sexy lingerie ready to give you some great blowjobs. I will let you lay back and do all the work. Just let me take control.
We can explore whatever your dirty little mind desires. The key here is that I can be a super whore in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. As the perfect girlfriend I aim to impress your colleges and friends with my looks and demeanor of mild flirtation. I may even take a few of them as secret lovers but no worries baby no-one will know. I’m great at keeping secrets *wink*
Your welcome to tell me all about the things bogging your mind down, and I would love to assist in your celebrating that promotion, new account, or any other reason for celebrating. I have been known to assist men in straying and experimenting new things. Some may say I instigated it or nudged them into doing it when really it has been provoking you for some time. Yes, I have led a client into a cock sucking addiction for TGirls. I also love sharing mutual masturbation stories I have even been there for my guys when they needed company on a drive or while they partied alone. I’m the perfect girlfriend for you, and you know it.

April ~ GFE phone sex expert!

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