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Fuck my pussy

Fantasy phone sexSunday morning I go to the Laundromat and you call me super fucking horny wanting to have phone sex. I’m doing laundry, I said. I cant at the this moment but as soon I get home I will call you! You telling me you cant wait to see my pussy turned me on so bad, my pussy was dripping wet. I when to the back were no one goes. I got all naked got on top of the washer and pulled out my vibrator from my purse. Yes I carry my vibrator with me at all times. Started video chat with you and started slowly penetrating my tight wet shaved pussy for you. I noticed the guy working was spying on me but I didn’t stop soon I had two huge dicks jacking off to watching me masturbate with this huge dildo going in and out my tight little pussy.


Best phone sexLook how tight my pussy hole is. Don’t you want this tight pussy hole? Instead of the old wrinkly old pussy you have at home! I know you want to penetrate my tight pussy with your big fat dick. I’m your girl honey always here for when your dick is hard. I can’t wait for you to tell your wife you are going on a business trip just to come home to this tight pussy. I cant wait to fuck you so good. I just want to see you kiss you all over your body and feel your naked body against mine. I just love when you get on top of me and fuck me, I just feel your body rubbing against mine. That makes my puss so wet! The way you grab me by my waist when you are getting ready to eat all my pussy juice and swallow every single drop.

Do me right

 Ass sex pornI’ll be your sex education teacher baby. Let me show you how I like to get fuck. First I’d love for you to start kissing my pretty little lips then work your way down and start kissing my neck, oh yeah baby you are starting to make my pussy so wet. Start kissing my nipples and start sliding your finger down rubbing my wet little pussy massaging my clit making me twitch a little bit. Oh yeah my pussy is getting fucking more wet by the second. You just turn me on so fucking horny now and I want your big huge dick in my pussy. I just want to feel that big peace of meat penetrate my tight little pussy. Then I want you to start shoving that dick so fucking hard into my pussy. Oh yeah I’m starting to drip. Oh yeah I’m about to squirt and orgasm all over your balls.

Cum for me

 Shaved wet pussyHey baby how you been? Don’t you miss this juicy pussy? Why haven’t you called me? I been waiting for your call all night and all day. I need your cum babe. I want you to lick this pussy till you make me squirt all this pussy juice all over your face. I love when you make me cum and then you slowly penetrate my yummy pussy hole. You just make my pussy so wet. My clit is popping out rubbing against your body. Oh yes babe cum in my pussy and make me orgasm so fucking good. I want you to cum so hard in me. Oh yes I feel your dick veins popping up in my tight little pink pussy. Fuck me harder babe. This pussy is craving your big fat juicy dick. Call me now babe cum and fuck this tight little pussy and make me cum.


 Lesbian phone sexBabe I know how much you love it when I finger your asshole, but since you are away deployed. I will send you all the naughty pictures of me and our blonde hot girlfriend. This one here is specially for you honey. Just look how good that finger slides in that asshole. I used the same lube that I use on your asshole when I finger you and lick you so good. I know that is what you missed the most of being home babe your two hot girlfriends giving you the best anal prostate massage that make you cum all over each others faces. Then you enjoy the way we lick off your cum of our face or when you cum in our pussy that cram pie we do for you on each others mouth. We pass that cum back and forth and it makes your dick harder again.

Tap that ass

 Phone chat linesAy papi, I miss you. Why haven’t you called your sugar baby? I been here really horny just hoping you will call and tell me you are on your way. Hey papi cum here and tap this ass. Its waiting here for you nice and round and best of all I have a tight little asshole. I miss that big fat dick in my pussy. I don’t even remember what your dick taste like. I want all that cum load in my mouth. I know you love watching me play with that cum with my tongue all over my lips, then just watch me swallow it all. You know how much I enjoy swallowing all your cum load. I love your hot juicy men cum in the back of my throat. Cum home my love I’m here waiting with a nice shaved pussy just how you like it. Cum eat this pussy!

Lady Finger

 Lesbian phone sexWhat turns our sugar daddy on the most, is when me and my girl friend finger each others pussy. When he is away at work we send him videos or pictures or video chat with him. We also love to see you stroking that big fat juicy long cock my love. We love it when you are home and you sit on your big black recliner, and watch us in bed we start kissing eating each others pussy then we tease you about putting in the fingers by just rubbing our clit. Oh yes Papasito you love that, it just makes you shake and feel hot all over your hot fucking body. Then when our lady fingers go in you start jacking off harder but you cant resist and you jump on the bed and while I get fingered you start eating my pussy and I could just feel you shaking.


 2 girl phone sexBabe I know you are out of town working and all because you love me. I love you to sweetheart. We miss you so much we are only one call away. I know having two girl friends ain’t easy. We are here home waiting for you to love you and care for you. We send you all this sexy nudes of us playing with each other. Your favorite is watching us fingering our little pussy’s playing with each others tits. Yum you just lay down next to us watching us. Then you join us, you start by bending me over and penetrating my pussy while you make me eat and lick her yummy clit. You love how I make her squirt all over my face. That turns me on so fucking good. I just start squirting dripping wet all over you big juicy cock and balls. You make me moan so loud as you penetrate me.

Sexy 3 O

 Lesbian phone sexMy girl friend and I are looking for a hot sexy horny older man. To join our little family. We want the sexy 3 O. Your benefits include:
1.You will always get to sleep in the middle.
2. You get two hot beautiful women
3. You get to fuck both our pussy
4. You get to watch us fucking each other, you get to see how we lick each others
pussy’s, then how we pull the strap-on and fuck each other so good till we make
one another squirt and orgasm so good.
5. You  get to join us every time, ONLY after we orgasm.
6. You have to let us fuck you hard with our strap-on.
7. You get to shower with this hot babes everyday after a long day of work.
9. You get to show off to the world your sexy girlfriends.
10. You get our love.

Miss you daddy

 GFE phone sexHi daddy, I’ve missed you so much sweetie. I been feeling really lonely all day today. I’m just in bed wearing the panties you bought me thinking of you. Daddy come to me I really miss  you and that big dick you penetrate into my little pussy. Oh I miss the way you lick my pussy so soft and slowly till you make me orgasm and I cum all over my panties. I love the fact that you take them with you to your office. You always like to save them in your desk for when you are missing me you take them out and sniff on them oh daddy I know you love it. I also love giving you head, sucking on that big dick with my finger in your butt, till I make you cum all over my face. I love it honey, I want it now. I love you daddy, Your princess April.

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