Blowing the Handymen

Cocksucking phone sexAs you know I do like to seduce my neighbors, delivery men and masseuses, just about anyone I can find. So, when I needed my dishwasher fixed, I called the handyman. He has a nice cock that I am rather fond of. When he showed up with a helper, I was more than pleased. Two cocks for me to play with. I invited them in and led them to the kitchen to fix the dishwasher. When I heard them finishing up, I entered the kitchen wearing absolutely nothing. The handyman knew what was up, but I could tell by his helpers face he was pleasantly surprised. I, without a word, unbuckled both their pants, unleashed their cocks from their boxers and proceeded to please them both. I rubbed my hands up and down their shafts at the same time. I took turns licking from base to tip and taking them in my mouth. The helper was so excited I knew he wouldn’t last long so I positioned him in front of me and took that nice hard dick in my mouth, pulling him forward and moving his hips, directing him to fuck my throat nice and hard. I jacked the handyman while the helper was making my throat raw. They both came all over my face and tits. I licked it all off and the helper was getting hard again. So, I laid the handyman on the floor positioning my clit over his mouth, bent towards the floor, and directed the helper to take my pussy from behind. They licked my clit and fucked my pussy until I squirted all over them both. I bet that was the best house call they make today.

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