Clean My Apartment And Look Cute Doing It

Sissy Maid Training

It’s sissy maid cleaning time! It’s all ready for you slut and remembers I installed cameras all around my place to keep an eye on you. If I see you skip anything on your list I will have to punish you one way or another. Put on this adorable hot pink maid outfit I ordered for you, comes with a cute pink silky g-string! Perfect for whenever I wanna come up behind you and tease you with the ass resting against your pussy. Love doing it cause it makes you moan like a good slut for me. For now, I’m going to pull that string to the side and shove up your sparkly buttplug to wear for the day. Better not remove it, if I see you bend over once and not see this in place then you won’t be able to play with your clitty after this. Now I’ll just be going into my room to get fuck, but I’ll be watching. My room will be the last you get to clean but only if you are a good little sissy maid for me in the meantime.

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