Fantasy Family

Phone Sex Mommy
You want to be a cum slut so fucking bad it’s all that you’ve been asking Mommy for all week. Since you’re so eager to be used I’m going to let your three brothers gangbang you slutty puss! When one shoves his hairy black ass in your face you clean up his moist manhole. His ass should be wet and clean and your ass is should be perched in the air! My second oldest stud is going to be knocking on your back door very soon and it’s not going to be gentle. Once his mushroom tip presses up against your hole he’s not going to stop! You’re gonna take every last inch of his cock and then some. The youngest of my three wants his cock in your twat too! Your phone sex addiction has made you into a dick dizzy whore so I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having two dicks in your pussy hole at the same time. Isn’t this what you wanted? I’ll be watching and rubbing my phone sex mommy pussy while you get used. This is the nasty fantasy family you’ve always wanted! 

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