The naughty secretary that you lust after. You fixate on my ass and become so nervous when in my presence, alone, and vulnerable. My pleading brown eyes and plump pouty lips make you so weak. Your biggest weakness though, would be my rack. My sexy breasts are all you focus on when I am in your office talking to you.
While I’m on my lunch hour you sneak into my desk like a boy in mommy’s panty drawer. Whatever would you do if I caught you sniffing my panties or shoes? I think I may have to teach you a lesson or two. Sissy training and strap-on play are good punishments I enjoy along with cuckold phone sex.
Your desire for me overcomes you, and while I am sitting on the corner of your desk taking your dictation you fixate on my stiff nipples. Your cock stiffens as I lean over to you to see what you are referencing on your desk. My scent overwhelms you and you hold back the urge to grab my large boobs. That desire that drives you wild is exactly what I want to control.
You’re the secret admirer watching from afar, the delivery man, or my Boss? Make me notice you, I dare you. Nothing gets my juices flowing like a dirty voyeur pining for my attention during the day and watching me with his telescope by night. You watch me undress and believe I am putting a show on just for you. I will slowly roll my silky stockings down my thighs and calves flashing you a glimpse of my moist panties hugging my cunt.
The Girl Friend Experience, or Naughty Neighbor are a couple other seducing roles I enjoy. You love a classy sophisticated woman that can get down and dirty? Well, you found your dream girl, and I promise to be good and naughty at once.