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Warm Up With Erotic Roleplaying

Erotic Roleplaying

Oh darling it is cold out there and I know just the way you can get some warming up… we can do some naughty erotic roleplaying together over the phone. This way you can stay warm and comfy and I can also just stay under my covers warm and naked and horny with you, my lover. I want your dirty ideas whispering in my ear as I finger my sweet cunt. I’ll use my toys to really get off with you good.

It’s so hot to hear you stroking your cock all wet and slippery thinking about my wet cunt slipping up and down the hard shaft. I love all kinds of role playing and I am sure you can share some of your erotic adventures with me, I’m an awesome listener.

Great Blowjobs Are In Store For You

Great Blowjobs

I love it when my date gets really naughty and I decide to go down on them in public giving them great blowjobs. Like last night when we were out to dinner and I couldn’t resist going down under the table discretely at this high end restaurant. It was fairly dark and candlelit and we were in the oval little booth and I slipped down under the table and started blowing him. The moment I snuck down the server was at the table and taking our wine order all the while I was working my date into a massive load of spunk down my throat.

The server left and I returned to my seat and gave him the biggest cum filled kiss. The wine arrived and it was perfect timing for washing the spunk down and sharing another kiss. I know how to treat my men.

Erotic Roleplaying Cuckolding Lover

Cuckolding my lover with some erotic roleplaying is an highlight of my playtime. It’s just that I love to feel that hard penis penetrating my pussy and it isn’t my lover’s cock that is fucking me. I love to have my lover nearby to watch me take this strangers big dick in my hot love canal.

Sometimes we will have a party and I’ll get maybe three guys together to fuck me and hope that my lover walks in on us as it will be so fucking hot for him to see me take on all these dicks and he can only get the sloppy mess they leave in my cunt. I love to cuckold my men and love that they get so turned on by eating my creampie cunt out.

erotic roleplaying

Need Some Hot Cuckold Sex?

We can do some hot erotic roleplaying together and I think cuckold sex is a damned good topic to get you off really good. I love fucking numerous men and coming home to tell my dear cuckolded hubby all about these big throbbing dicks that fucked and penetrated your wife’s hot pearl snatch.

I want you to bury that tongue deep inside this slit and suck all that oozing good mancream from this honey pot. I want you to fuck my well fucked and creamy fuck hole and please leave your load in there as you will be cleaning all the cum from this creampied pussy after. I know you love to be a cum eater and you can come eat this pussy clean of all the hot gooey spunk between my legs.

erotic roleplaying

Erotic Roleplaying Seductions

Erotic roleplaying is some of the best kinds of phone sex to really get that fantasy you have been fixated on fulfilled. My love of seducing men and making them return for more is a power trip I adore. Your will will not be your own once I own you.

I know how badly you crave my cum secrets inside this hot little cunt and it’s my pleasure to return home after fucking and awake you with my cum dripping pussy on your face. I know you crave to hear about the cocks that left that goo in me and I won’t hold back on describing how awesome it felt and how your cock could never make me near as satisfied as a nice throbbing fat fuck rod.

 erotic roleplaying

Erotic Roleplaying For Hot Phone Sex

Your unable to sleep and this erotic roleplaying scene has been bugging you, keep you so turned on and horny. There is one thing you can do to achieve some relief of that throbbing cock and those reruns of the hottest fucking experience you are dealing with. I’m here for you baby with me dirty mind and demure and innocent look and attitude is meant to throw you off.

What I really want is to be thrown down and fucked really good as you manhandle me and harshly whisper in my ear how much a tramp I am. Seduce me into being a little whore for you, and I promise to make it a good struggle to accept that I am, indeed an uptight priss on the outside and a total kinky whore when you get me alone.

erotic roleplaying


Best Phone Sex Fantasies w/ Felecity

I’m a sophisticated kind of slut that loves enticing your desires with my best phone sex pleasures. I believe that you and I are going to really click and have some really wonderfully kinky fun. I think you should return home one afternoon early from work to surprise me when it is You that gets the surprise.

A strange car in the driveway and when you come inside there’s no one in the main areas of the house but you hear noises from the bedroom. Approaching the bedroom the door is ajar and what you feast your eyes on… I’m being fucked really hard by a strange man in a most provocative position! On all fours like a bitch I am taking this strange mans cock without a condom, completely bareback fucking your wives hot shaved twat. I’m moaning like a whore as you watch your dick is growing so hard and then… that’s right you witness this man cumming in my cunt.

Well I think this is where you come in baby… how do we continue with this?

Best Phone Sex

Erotic Roleplaying For A Hot Fucking

Hey so maybe your looking for some form of sensual erotic roleplaying fun with a secretly kinky sophisticated woman. I am her, and the answer for that therapeutic need for tossing off and getting some real satisfaction. I’m all about your satisfaction and all about You sweets, so let me in on your secret passions and erotic fantasies.

I want you to watch me play with myself, finger my sweet slit and roll my nipples between my fingers.Watch me as I penetrate my cunt with one finger then another… now, come closer, and take a lick of my cunt, go on put you tongue inside and lick it nice and deep. Taste my sweet juices, suck on my clit, feel your dick get good and hard as my pussy juice gushes over that tongue. Now just thrust your cock in and fuck me good.

Erotic Roleplaying


Erotic Roleplaying with a GFE Fetish

Erotic Roleplaying

My erotic roleplaying is a hot sensual girlfriend experience that will have you relaxed and those heavy balls drained leaving you to sleep like a baby. I am most certain that you will get the needs that you haven’t felt fulfilled of in a long time taken care of well. I’m very accommodating to my men and  am always a good ear.

Let me help you relax after a hard day and relieve those balls. I’m awesome at draining that cock or sharing some cum in my wet pussy from a previous lover of the night for your cuckold needs. Please think of me when you need an ear and some quality jerk off time with a caring understanding woman that puts your needs first. I’ll let you watch me fuck.

Erotic Roleplaying With Felecity

Hey there sexy! I’m so happy that you decided to drop by. I really hope we have some great chemistry and that we can chill out together with some hot erotic roleplaying and naughty fun. Let me caress your rock hard shaft as I gently nibble on you nipples while massaging your balls. I will kiss down your chest, belly and tease your cock with my tongue. I’ll take the full length of that throbbing cock into my mouth and close my lips around the head as I lick all around that ridge of your mushroom cap.

Erotic Roleplaying

Bury your head between my legs and slide that tongue between my clean shaven outer cunt lips and slip it into my wet slit. I want you to lick me and suck on my clit, as I grind my hips upward begging you to go deeper. I get to the point of squirting my hot cunt juices in your mouth as my hands hold your head between my legs.

Finally, I will beg you for that throbbing cock to penetrate and pound my pussy until your jizz flows deep in my love tunnel.


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