Picture it:

A night out with all of your friends or colleagues. Dancing, our every movement graceful and passionate, the room looking on at the stunning picture we make twirling about. My hair is a perfect coif, light reflecting off of it, drawing your eyes back to it over and over. Images of my hair laid out across our bed throughout our lovemaking. Dining, my feet finding yours, and then creeping slowly up your legs. The dinner conversation is so light, witty, and flowing so well, your companions are all smiling our way.

We are perfect together, you and I. When we are together, the rest of the world can simply fade into the background, and all of your friends are so envious of us. Little do they know, when we get behind closed doors, the heat between us is tangible. They don’t see how I submit to your commands, how I will gladly bow before you and subjugate myself to your tender care. They don’t see the passion and tenderness with which you take care of me, even as I tend to every one of your needs.

No one gets to see me run my hair over every inch of you, trailing kisses directly after, or the way my feet worship you at your will. I love your hair and foot fetishes and fulfilling all of your dreams and desires. Most of all, I love the way you treat me as if I give the best phone sex of all, and you wouldn’t trade me for any other. I adore you, and I’ll be waiting in my perfect submissive position for you, my darling.

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