Must have second helping

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I moan hard and cum all over his dick but that’s not enough for a greedy whore like MILA. Round two started with Daddy shoving his dick into my mouth as I was peeing. It was so big! He stayed hard in my throat the whole time, I could barely breath. He has one hand on my tits lightly grazing his palm over the nipples. While moaning, I relax my body and lift my legs onto the toilet begging him with my eyes to rub on my pussy. I see his knees get weak and he looks down at me shoving his dick all the way in my mouth and my eyes water. I love when he fucks my face as I take in his whole nine inch cock, never gagging, bobbing my head, and squeezing his swollen tip with my cheeks. It slides out of my mouth then flops on my face putting spit in my eye. I slap it against my face really hard and tell him to make me hurt so good just like he did the first time. He leaned back and said “You have no idea what I’m gonna do to your ass.” Yum, I’m such a slut I love second helpings

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