My name is Piper and I am a sexy coed slut. Although I am a pampered princess who doesn’t need to work, I love draining wallets. This is the perfect job for a spoiled coed. Older men love me the most. I don’t waste my time with guys my own age. They don’t know how to treat me. They don’t have the money to treat me like a queen. I enjoy being pampered and spoiled. That requires money, however. Although I like a big dick, I like a big wallet more. I have two types of men in my life: fat cats who want a sexy GFE to spoil and fat cats in need of a sissy trainer or femdom princess to tribute. I can be a brat with unworthy men. But guess what? The more I tease them; the more I shame them; the more I deny them, the more they spoil me. Plenty of men want a sexy cock tease like me to worship. I have a few professors on the hook. They must tribute me for my time. I mean, I am too hot to be seen with losers. I am too hot to fuck a sissy or a man with a tiny dick. Did I mention I give great cuckold phone sex too? I love laughing at tiny dicks, especially when losers pay me to laugh at their shrimp dicks. What kind of man are you? The kind that knows how to spoil me or the kind that knows he needs to pay up to be in my presence?

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