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Seducing Mr. Peters

GFE phone sexI’ve been spending weekdays after school as a office assistant. For the most part it’s easy and I look great in a cute pencil skirt and matching blazer. As you can imagine I get plenty of attention men feel the need to compliment every little thing I do, hoping for more than just a smile and thank you. It’s funny that they think I would waste efforts on bottom feeders, my eye is on the boss of them all, and last night I finally got my chance. Mr. Peters was staying late so he asked if any assistants would be willing to stay and help with some late night filing. I offered and found myself in his office just the two of us that night. I did my best to ease any load of his work, and found out little things about him. His wife called at one point just to nag him, which gave me the perfect opening. I have a eye at seeing when a man is not having his needs met and I could tell by the way he was talking she hadn’t been worth a damn to him in a long time. He hung up the phone, he was very tensed so I got behind him and massaged his shoulders. I told him to relax and not let her slow him down. This simple act had him spilling the beans about his sexless marriage and constant fights. “What you need is some release” I whispered in his ear as my hands moved down his chest. With that he surrendered to me, becoming putty in my gentle but capable hands.

Enjoying The Easy A

Naughty teacherI sat in my micro economics class today prepared to be bored when my professor gave a lecture on the importance of paying attention. Most of his points where directed at me, I could tell due to his constant glance each time he used the phase “Some students” normally followed by “think they can coast by”. In his defense the last two time I sat here I played with my phone and didn’t bother to take notes. I have a boy on lock that took this course last year who has agreed to do my assignments and light tutoring on the highlights in exchange for some special attention. However I do not appreciate this man approach to his assumptions. No matter how true they are. I waited for everyone to leave until it was just me and him. I approached his desk and he looked up at me with a smug face as if he knew this would happen. “May I help you Piper?” he asked in a tone that seemed like he was teasing. I knew right then this would go in my favor. So I responded “I just wanted to say that this is just a course I have to take to fill up my requirements. My work will be done and even if I barely get good marks I will pass. So save your breath trying to make a example of me”.  I started to turn and he grabbed my wrist pulling me into his lap. He continued to take my hand and rest it on the bulge in his pants. “I don’t expect someone as pretty as you to have to even work at all”. With that I had won, I couldn’t help but have a great big smile while he bent me over the his desk as he took what he wanted. The best part my Monday afternoons how just become a lot less tedious.

You Asked For It

Phone humiliationI was truly having a pleasant day my mood was up, everything was going perfectly. That was until I received a message from you. And your message said “Ready to fuck?”. I know you’re wondering what about that message would ruin my day? You see it wasn’t the message it was what came with the message. It was a picture of the most pathetically minuscule cock I had ever seen. To answer your question I’m going to have to give you a big fat no. I would never waste my time on a dick smaller than my clit. The fact that you thought I would is insulting. But don’t worry I’ll keep the picture for whenever I need a good laugh.

Giving My New Roommate A Sensual Welcome

Lesbian phone sexMy old roommate moved in with a boyfriend so I had to look for another girl to take her place. Luckily I met this cute new young freshman last week who was looking to move closer to campus. When helping her move her things in I couldn’t help but keep staring at her body, and couldn’t help but let my mind linger. By the evening those dirty little thoughts keep creeping up. We spent the night talking until we were both in her bed, I told her I give amazing back massages. I removed her shirt and had her lay down as I rubbed my hands over her shoulders, moving down her back. My hands grazing along her sides up to the sides of her breast, I moved my hands underneath them. Bending over and giving her shoulder a kiss then moving to her neck. I heard her moan as she turned over to kiss me, our lips locking passionately. We removed our clothes until there was the two of us naked in her bed are bodies tangled together.

Get On Your Knees And Worship Me

Princess phone sexI find your amusing, following me around just to “bump” into me by chance. You are always staring but you know that you don’t have the means to take care of me. Your chances with me are very slim. You don’t have the means to spoil me nor the looks and body to please me. However your efforts have made me feel so sorry for you, I decide to play with you anyways. I order you until your knees. I lift my foot up and push your head down with it all the way to floor. You are bowing to your princess now, I permit you to kiss my feet. Your hands gently caress my legs, going higher and higher as you working your way up. Making sure to not miss any part unkissed. As you get up to my skirt you will see I have no panties, my pussy visible wet. I grabbed the back of you head push you down while my pussy grinds your face. I not sure if you can quite breath but I do not care. I cum all over your face. With myself satisfied I have no more use for you, so I leave you with you face wet and smelling like my pussy.

Mr. G Loves My Feet

Foot fetishesI’ve been spending the last week with my one of my favorite admirers. Mr. G is so sweet and thoughtful he spent the whole week pampering me. Of course when we would head back home I spent my evenings spoiling Mr. G. I found something out about him this week that is that he really has a thing for cute feet like mine. I noticed he really loved to give me foot rubs, and always bought me sandals. I confirmed my suspicions the other night when he told me he was to tired to fool around. I attempted a lot of my tricks to get him in the mood and they all fell felt. But when I slid my feet up on his lap to ask for a foot massage I noticed his dick get hard, so I began to rub his dick with my feet. This changed his tune seeing my cute pink toes wrapped around his hard cock. I leaned back and took off my shirt, my bald pussy in his view as I jerked him off with my feet until he came all over them.

Sex On A Rainy Afternoon

Sensual phone sexI love laying in my room listening to the rain hitting the window, it’s so relaxing. I love it even more when you are here next to me. Hearing the thunder makes me want to cuddle up against your body. Having me so close to you turns you on I know cause I can feel your hard on against my leg as it curls around you. I keep wiggling until you finally flip over and start to kiss me and nibble on my ears. Oh you know how much I love that! You can feel my body tense and relax underneath you. Kiss your way down my body, until you get to the sweet spot. You know what to do from here, don’t you?

Cum Just For Me

GFE phone sexI love when it’s just the two of us in bed together. Spending some time close together, cuddled up naked. Feeling you get hard as your pressed against my body. You start to kiss my shoulder softly working up to my neck and nibbling on my ear. I get goosebumps across my body, you reach your hand around and finger my bald pussy. I’m wet, as you move me onto my back as you get on top of me. You are being gentle and sweet, slowly sliding yourself into me. I gasp with pleasure you bend down and kiss my mouth. Slowly you thrust in and out of me, my fingers running through your hair. Our eyes are locked and I know in this moment you’re going to cum for me. It’s just me and you in this moment, are you ready to cum for me?

Clever Snake Charmer

Sensual phone sexI made him lay back on my bed, I just got out of the shower and he was already waiting on me. As he laid there I sat down next to him running my hand up his thigh up to his slightly hard on. I wrapping my thumb and index finger around just the ridge of the head, slowly moving it up and down. He took sharper breaths so slowed down just a bit more, taking my time teasing him. Little bits of precum started to appear so gripped at the base firm but not too tight. I used my other hand to gently rub my palm in a circle motion over the tip. Using the precum to lube up his puffy mushroom head. I moved my hand from the base and cupped his balls squeezing very gently as I use my other hand to quickly slide up and down the shaft. He’s breathing grew faster could feel slight throbbing beneath my hand. So I teasing the ridge of the head using my thumb to run right underneath. His body tensed up as hot cum splashed onto my face.

Afternoon Quickie

Sensual phone sexSo I was attending a shower for my friend who has a little brat on the way. She made her man sit through the whole thing. He looked so miserable having to hang around so I took some time to entertain him. At first it was just harmless flirting but he started complaining that he hadn’t had sex in months. I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for him. He was such a good looking guy and I couldn’t stop picturing the two of us sneaking to the bedroom for a quickie. Maybe it was because I wasn’t just imagining it cause next thing I know I was riding his dick while in their bed. We could hear the girls laughing downstairs, so we knew our presence wasn’t missed. He lasted only a short time before he came in me. He absolutely loved when I climbed off his dick and licked it clean.

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