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Pulled over

I got pulled over, I didn’t know why. When he got to my window, I could see how chiseled he was, looked like a stripper. He told me to get out of my car. So, I did, right away he was frisking me as he got lower, I knew he could feel I didn’t have any panties on because moments before I was touching my wet pussy thinking about my boss making me suck his dick after work. I was so nervous but surprisingly excited, then it happened he stuck his fat cock in me and with a hard gasp I squirted all over him. It didn’t stop him, he kept pounding away until finally he grunted and I felt the spurs of hot cum rushing into me. He got off me and spread my ass and pussy lips so he can see the cream pie. He then turned me around and said “thank you for cooperating like a good whore and left.  

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