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Mature Phone Sex on the Best Phone Sex Chat Lines

mature phone sexMature phone sex is for the younger guy wanting a woman with experience and the older gentleman knowing that a mature woman is accepting of all phone sex fetishes. Whether you need experience, acceptance or therapy, the best phone chat lines let you talk to a sexy mature woman like me. My years of being a sex education teacher combined with my open sexual lifestyle, make me perfect for phone sex. I have always been open minded. I have always liked experimenting in the bedroom. I have always liked helping men explore their fantasies and fetishes. And I have most certainly always enjoyed masturbating. You would be surprised how wet my pussy gets talking to cuckolds and sissies too. I had a black cock panty wearing sissy call me this morning. She got my pussy all worked up! I am sure it was in part due to the talk of those huge black dicks that just own a white pussy; but it was also that I got to use some sissy humiliation therapy to make her realize she can only please women by being a fluffer or source of entertainment.

best phone chat linesIf you are a sissy or a cuckold, embrace who you are to yourself and your partner if you have one. Very few of my sissy and cuckold callers have actually had cock; even less have been honest with a partner. Like your woman doesn’t know on some level that you are not a full man. If your wife is anything like me, she will enjoy shaming you, dressing you and teaching you how to suck cock. One of my ex husbands had a tiny cock. He was surfing the Internet one day, came across a video of a black man fucking a white married woman, and he became obsessed. When I discovered his little online addiction, I brought him a black man. Well, I brought him home for me too. Made my husband live in reality with a big black cock in his mouth while I fucked his pansy ass with a strap on. Sure, I divorced him, but we are still tight. I love sharing black cock, or any cock with a man for that matter. So, if you fantasize about wearing panties and sucking cock, call me for some much needed phone sex therapy.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah Uses Sissy Humiliation to Help a Cocksucking Faggot

phone sex therapist farahAs a phone sex therapist, I help countless callers work through their fetishes, dark desires; even help them admit to the lifestyles they are fighting to suppress. I talk to a lot of sissies, bisexuals, sexual deviants and homosexuals. Most men after a few phone sessions accept who they are and embrace their quirks, but every now and again, for the sake of progress, I am forced to out a caller for his own good. Take Brendan for example. He is a sissy faggot, closeted homosexual from a small college town in the Midwest. He loves wearing women’s panties and lingerie and trolling for cock on Craigslist and The Back Pages.

sissy humiliationHe refuses to out himself as a homosexual for whatever reason. I mean he is not married, no brats that I know of, so no reason to be in the closest unless he somehow thinks there is something wrong with being a pathetic faggot. Now, Brendan is a little bottom beta bitch, but look at him? That is no surprise. But he has no reason to stay in the closest. I am going to out him as the sissy faggot he is. Sissy humiliation is often necessary to help a caller understand there is nothing wrong with being a faggot. Not only do hot phone bitches like me thrive on having little sissy faggot bitches to play with on a call, but plenty of alpha men out there need their tight little asses to fuck. A sissy bitch is stress relief and entertainment for us alpha types.

phone sex therapyI am outing Brendan for the cock sucking homosexual he is for his own good. He is too weak of a faggot and sissy. Phone sex therapy is not always pretty. But my methods always work. Before long, Brendan will be placing ads in Craigslist showing his face and giving his phone number to any man who wants to abuse his back door pussy. The first step in recovery is admitting what you are. Until Brendan can say “I Brendan ….. am a homosexual ” to more than just me, I have to do it for him. Some losers just need help embracing who they are. Do you need some help? Be forewarned, do not send me pics of yourself in compromising situations, because I will use them for therapeutic purposes, and shits and giggles.