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Oh Yes Pastor!

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My clit was swollen from him hitting my spot. Over and over my clit was getting swollen from the things this guy was doing. I would say if cumming was a mortal sin then I think I was going straight to hell! I loved the fact that I could be one thing at the drop of a hat  and a total devil the next. That’s the one thing I could say I could get away with in this condition! Yes!  that’s right people I am a known sexual addict and I was not going to any meeting to talk about my feelings on the matter. The one  thing that I loved the most was the fact that I could be who I wanted when I wanted and get away with it and no one   including my husband would stop me! I loved the feel of cock in my holes and I would get it. This day I decided for my conquest the pastor because it had been a while since we had been together and I wanted the feel of his throbbing muscle inside of me again. It was obvious that he cared about me and I had no time for feelings I let each and every guy know up front it was simply about cock!

There was no need to stretch the matter into a fight this is what  I had time for and what I was willing to give in a relationship. “A night of Divina”, that was caused fuck fest central. It was one of those things that just kept guys begging for more and my little hole so good and sweet that when I tell you the secret of my Gspot that I don’t want you to laugh I just want you to pull on it open your mouth and let it squirt down your throat! Yes that is me Divina the heavenly being that is here to please that cock and as a special favor let you know what most girls don’t. There are millions of ways to get a girl to get off but only one cream note for Divina. Know that and we could have tons of fun! Oh yes! the Pastor has learned and so will you!