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Best Phone Sex Principal Seduction

When it comes to getting what I want this best phone sex slut knows exactly what to do. If that means I have to seduce an authority figure then that is nothing that I cannot handle either. We got a new principal at our school and he thought it would be nice to separate my best friend and I for home room. We have every single class together and homeroom is supposed to be that one class you can really fuck around in and I was not going to miss all the fun I could have with my bestie. 

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So the two of us made an appointment to plead out case, He tried to feed us a line of bull shit that it would be good for us to spend some time apart. I do not know why he would think that would ever be the case. So the two of us decided to show that mature phone sex lover that no one should have to be separated from the two of us. We each sat out sexy teen selves on each side of his desk. He gulped as he knew what was going on . 

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The two of us started to flit, I took his glasses and put them on playing with his balding hair and my bestie grabbed his tie to remove it dangling it between her legs. He started to stammer on his words and the two of us knew that we has him. I went down between his legs and she pulled his face into her cunt. That was all there was after that. The three of us were in a full on fuck fest and we had his balls in our hands, and mouth of course. Our schedules were put how we wanted them. Score one for Candy! 

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