Your Small Dick Makes Me laugh

small dick humiliation

Small dick gives me the little girl giggles. You make me pull off my panties and give them to you just so you can cover your shame. Are you erect? My stomach hurts from laughing at your AA battery sized dick. Well, I guess it isn’t a dick. It’s a clit. A clit to be stiffed in my red panties as I have you begging at my feet for just a taste of my young cunt. I take you by the chin and ask if you really know what you are asking. I have been fucking your best friend with the 10-inch dick and he has left his dick juice inside of me.  I even have some cum on boobs so perky you can lick off too! You nod like the prissy little dicked man you are, and I say you can be my clean up the boy but next time you are going to be fluffing his cock for me all fucking night my pathetic small dicked bitch! Are You ready to be my cocksucking fluffer?

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