Call me names!

Erotic RoleplayingI met the cutest little man yesterday! He loved my beautiful tits and wanted to call me mommy when he fucked me! Isn’t that naughty! Ha ha ha. Of course I let him! How could I pass up a good hard fucking by a young virile stud! I don’t care what he calls me! Mommy, Slut, Whore or cum sponge. It is all the same for me! And I am glad I took a chance on him to! His long fat 8 inch cock made me beg for more! Plead for him not to stop! He pulled my hair and EVEN slapped my ass! I swear I came 3 times before he finally dumped his big load! I knew he was close so I looked back it him and said cum for mommy! Ha ha ha. He shot everywhere! I guess that is what makes me a good slut! I always want to give my fuck buddy exactly what he wants. Even if it is a little odd!

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