A Sexy Surprise

GFE Phone Sex

As your devoted girlfriend, I wanted to do something extra special for you. No particular reason, but surprises can really be a lot of fun. Especially the one I had in mind! I got one of my friends and we dressed up in sexy lingerie. When you walked through the door, there we were, waiting with our asses out, ready for your big cock. Your jaw dropped as I pulled her close and started making out with her. Falling onto the couch, we groped each other’s bodies as we pulled off what little clothes we had on, popping out our perky titties. I could see your cock was ready to burst out of your pants so her and I got to our knees as we took out your cock. Swirling my tongue around the head of your dick, I worked your shaft as she massaged your balls in her mouth. I felt your hand through my hair as I gagged on your meaty fuckstick. My friend then laid on the floor as I buried my face between her legs. Her pussy was already soaking wet when I started flicking her clit with my tongue. You fingered my ass while you guided your throbbing boner into my tight cunt. I moaned into her slit when you started pounding me. Having her spread in front of me while you nailed me was so fucking hot, I squirted all over your rod, shaking from the massive wave of pleasure pulsing through my body. Now, it was my girlfriend’s turn. I held your cock in place as she lowered herself on your shaft. Grinding my hips on your mouth, I rode your face, watching her bounce up and down on you. I reached out to rub her clit, causing her to have a screaming orgasm. Then, stacking our asses on top of each other, we let you cover us in your cum, licking it off each other’s cheeks once you were done.

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