Anabelle’s Interlude and Design

A touch is a sensual notion that must be explored by a person that requires great attention to detail. Every breath of love is to be explored by the keen sense that without passion people would cease to function. As I lay here and feel the warmth of a gentle kiss against my lips and the warmth of your hands on my neck exploring the infraction of hairs that just stand still there. Begin to explore the bottom part of my tits as you explore deeper making sure to lather bath of caress against my navel. Deeper still my tits are erect now and you yearn to pull on them and tease them with your lips. But, I will not let you.

Further still you travel down the contour of my inner thigh and plant the seed of your exhibition into my inner folds of sugar juice. Oh the tantalizing feel of your tongue caresses my clit pulling me and taking me to a depth of inner soul retribution. I want to feel you inside me now the weight , the strength of your cock that pulls itself to reach me, to tug at my tight inner hole.
You press into me with a functionality of fucking me hard and long as you claim me! Bending me over you begin your pound in endeavor to plant your juice inside of me. But you want something more. Tugging me further you lift me in the air and place my feet on your knees as you pump inside of me. I can feel every ounce of your powerful cock hit my inner walls with a splash of in depth results. You are fucking me harder and want to stroke me better so you turn me up to you placing my feet behind your head to reach the warmth of the womanhood you had come to claim and make yours. Are you there? What are you waiting for?

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