Breaking the Law..

Fantasy phone sex

Being home alone never scared me. Even in this big ass house I never thought I would ever have to worry. I thought my husband was home. I thought he came home early from a work trip but I was wrong. High off of my nose candy and ready to sit on his face I ran down stairs in nothing. That is when I saw them. A group of men wearing masks and they were coming after me. They tied me up naked to a chair. They started asking me where the money was, where this and that was. I was so fucking high all I could do was laugh. One of them smacked me in the face calling me a stupid whore. I laughed again and said “You hit like a bitch, you must have a tiny dick.” That is when he pulled out his hard cock which was huge! “Is this small you whore?” I smiled and licked my lips. “If you all fuck me and make me cum on your cocks I will give you every dime in this house.” They looked at each other in silence. “Open the book on the end of the second shelf and there should be a grand in there.” One of them opened it and found the money. “Look guys there is tons of money hidded around this house, it would take you all day and I know my naked tight body is giving you all blue balls. You help me and I’ll pay you” One by one they started pulling out their cocks and started to take of their masks. “Leave them on, make this much hotter.” They were in shock but their cocks were rock hard. I didn’t give them all the money, who wants to break in and get the rest?

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