Clever Snake Charmer

Sensual phone sexI made him lay back on my bed, I just got out of the shower and he was already waiting on me. As he laid there I sat down next to him running my hand up his thigh up to his slightly hard on. I wrapping my thumb and index finger around just the ridge of the head, slowly moving it up and down. He took sharper breaths so slowed down just a bit more, taking my time teasing him. Little bits of precum started to appear so gripped at the base firm but not too tight. I used my other hand to gently rub my palm in a circle motion over the tip. Using the precum to lube up his puffy mushroom head. I moved my hand from the base and cupped his balls squeezing very gently as I use my other hand to quickly slide up and down the shaft. He’s breathing grew faster could feel slight throbbing beneath my hand. So I teasing the ridge of the head using my thumb to run right underneath. His body tensed up as hot cum splashed onto my face.

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