Couldn’t Pay Me Enough To Touch You

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Making fun of your little excuse of a cock get you off doesn’t it you fucking pervert. A girl as fucking sexy as me would never allow that thing inside of me. I can not even believe that you would bring me home, and expect me to fuck you. Like what the fuck do you think I am? I will not sleep with you just because you bought me a few drinks, and I sure as hell won’t fuck you if your cock is smaller than my pinkie finger! I would rather finger fuck myself. In fact, my fingers are bigger than that thing in your pants. I should make you watch as I finger fuck myself. I bet you would beg me to let you touch your self, but I would just laugh at you. You don’t deserve to touch yourself while watching me. I would make you beg me to let you cum, and I would spit in your face. You are nothing but a worthless piece of shit that doesn’t deserve to cum. I would leave you about to burst with your hands tied up so that you can not please yourself.

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