Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

I very much fancy the new domination porn you sent me. I love learning how to be a good mistress by watching these hot women turn these pathetic excuse for men into slaves. I really hope to use some of these new skills on you when I come home on holiday. I am not quite fitting in as the girls hate that I get their boyfriends cock more than they do. I mean what girl doesn’t suck cock and expect to keep a man around?? I just fuck and let them go, it is not like I intend to keep these “Boys”.  I do my peers a favor and teach these guys how to fuck they all should be thanking me. Instead, I just have to suffer with every males attention on campus. I am sending you a nice postcard, I hope you don’t open your email at work again daddy. I love sending you my naughty pictures. Which reminds me where are mine of you in your wifes’ panties and lipstick I asked for? Do not be bad, it will only make your punishment more severe! You wanted me this way and now you act like a fool by not obeying me. I have pictures of your small dick daddy I really do not want to have to send them to your contact list. So be a good daddy and send this sweet young Mistress what she desires. Did you get the video of the new teacher fucking my tight twat? He has a nice big cock, I hope that made you jealous!

Love and Kisses,

Your Sweet Young Mistress CJ <3

domination porn

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