Desperately Seeking Divina

sexy babes divinaAs usual he was going out with his friends again and I was sitting here lost and lonely. I had just had the most humiliating experience of my life at work and he was out the door to what drink beer and goof off. It didn’t matter to me that the sex life we use to share was nonexistent but what mattered to me most was the fact that while he was away I would spend hours on the internet surfing porn and wishing that I had someone out there who wanted the kinky life style that I wanted. I wanted to be the accomplice, the humiliated slut, and do the diaper thing but he was so boring and never wanted to try anything new. I was sick to death of vanilla sex and wanted something new and exciting because I felt without it I was going to explode.

I had learned early on ours was not a marriage of love but mostly of something formed for the companies we were involved in. He wanted to have this nice thin life and I wanted the bizarre and crazy. I hadn’t even spoken to most of my Bible toting friends about the things I dreamed about thinking that if they ever knew about my taboo fantasies certainly they would tease and shun me for my dark desires. My main concern was him finding out that not only was I participating in adult baby fantasies I got off on fucking a man with a cock up his ass and having him drop his seed all over me and especially the breeding fantasy. I had found a line that let me be myself and was finally surrounded by people with taboo and kinky fantasies like mine. I finally felt accepted and I couldn’t wait for my one darkest dream to come true. Are you fascinated? Call me and find out what it is. I told you about my boring life now it’s time for you to tell me about yours.

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