Dominating Your Ass

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How about a hot date to ring in the New Year? I want to dominate your ass and make you bow to my every whim, babe. I invite you over and open the door in tight leather lingerie and I already have on my thick black strap-on cock! Tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, baby. I make you take of all your clothes and get down on your knees like my perfect little sex slave.

I bring out your collar and chain and wrap it around your neck. I walk you into the bedroom and have you spread your legs wide. Hold on to the bed post, fuck slut, I’m about to destroy your perfect, tight rosebud. I push the tip of my big black dildo up against your ass and start slowly shoving it in. I want you to beg me to fuck you like a whore! Make me dominate you like a dirty slut. I want to pump my strap-on, in and out of your ass and dominate you into my fuck slave.

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