Don’t you just love foot fetishes?

foot fetishesDon’t you just love foot fetishes? Just picture it; you and I sitting there all alone when you notice how beautiful my feet are. I will notice you noticing my feet and that will make me want to tease you a little, I’ll playfully rub them on you and put them in your lap right over your stiffening cock. You may feel a little embarrassed at first but seriously, you shouldn’t! Foot fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of and they are way more common than you think! Anyway, I will tell you to pull out that cock so I can rub it with these pretty feet… if I can keep them out of your mouth long enough to do so! I just know that I can make you feel oh so good baby, all you have to do is relax and realize that your foot fetishes are completely normal and healthy and fun! Lets explore them all together, it will be amazing!


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  1. fred

    I can’t wait to get those toes in my mouth!

  2. Marquis

    Step all over me with your beautiful feet.

  3. footiejam

    I fucking love your feet Daniella

  4. greg

    I love your pretty feet.

  5. Ryan

    Oh you’re so fucking sexy!

  6. Lee

    Oh i do too baby you know it though…

  7. Gerry


  8. Chuck

    Let me suck your sexy toes?!

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