Forced crossdressing with Envy

Forced crossdressing

I’m Mistress Envy, and I’m always in control. If I allow you to be in my presence there’s something you must understand and never forget…you are beneath me. You are my pet. I even have a leash for you to wear in my home. And I like my men in dresses and makeup. You’re a female pet. Let me put red lipstick on your lips, mascara on your eyelashes, and burettes in your hair. Let me turn you into a sexy bitch. We both know you have a tiny dick that could pass for a big clit. LOL! Let me put you in high heels. I’ll show how to twist your hips when you walk across the room. Maybe, I’ll invite some real men over for you to entertain. We both know you want me to make you do things you’ve never done. You’ll be my pretty little bitch. I’ll call you “Sara”, yeah you look like a “Sara”! You’re my plaything, my doll to dress up. And if you don’t obey me, there will be hell to pay. You sexy little bitch!! I promise we’ll have a good time. Call me. I’ll be waiting.

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