Grand Slam Home Run!

Mature phone sexWhen I was much younger we used to tell how far we would go sexually with someone by using baseball vernacular.  There was first base which meant that you kissed.  I think everyone at least got to First Base, or at least I hope they did.  Second Base meant that you were touched above the waist.  Third Base meant you had oral or touched below the waist.  Then came the Grand Slam which meant you fucked.  I am not sure if these terms are still used but in my time they were used a lot. 

Sexy girlfriend pornI bring this up because I have a new boyfriend who is much younger than I.  He loves the fact that I am older and I seriously love the fact that he is younger.  He will have me pose for pictures and we have even made a few videos together.  He told his Father that he has been dating someone for awhile and his Father asked him what base had he gotten to.  He had no idea what his Dad meant.  He brought it up in conversation while we were watching a game on T.V. and I had to laugh.  Then I went on to explain what all the bases meant to him.  He told me that the next time he sees his Dad he is going to tell him that he hit a grand-slam…four times in one day. 

Sexy ass pic


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  1. DickTater

    You can do anything you want to my balls Gloria, damn. You are one hot older woman. WoW!

  2. Terrance

    Holy shit. I came so fucking hard. U are the best.

  3. Jim

    That is one sexy ass pic baby!!

  4. Joshua Ryan

    You drain my balls better than anyone, thanks!

  5. Taylor

    You can swing my bat and play wit my balls!

  6. Craig

    I want a home run with you. I love a hot MILF!!!

  7. Harry

    I want to penetrate that fucking tight pink pussy

  8. Big Daddy

    Oh, honey you need a real man. I’m older and way more experienced. I can treat that pussy right.

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