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Legs For Days

Sexy legsWhat is that new saying now? As fuck? Yes! That is exactly it.  I was in the grocery store this morning and a younger man said that my legs were sexy As Fuck.  He used the abbreviation though.  He also told me he liked my heels and my stockings, so I knew I was talking to a leg, stocking and foot fetish man.  Three of my favorite things.  I told him that he didn’t look all that bad himself.  He laughed. 

He then told me that I reminded him of his Aunt Patricia.  I told him I hoped that that was a good thing, he said it was.  I kept catching him off and on as I walked the grocery aisles looking at my legs.  He would smile, then I would smile back.  I really wanted to take him in the back, into the bathroom and have some fun.

I was thinking I could have him sit on a box, then just lift my leg up to place the ball of my foot onto his thigh.  I would allow him to rub his face and hands over my stockings, he could even lick my heels if he wanted.  I find that a little bit sexy honestly.  Then I could lean back on the bar as he slips my shoes off to run his warm mouth over the bottom of my foot.  At the end I might even let him keep my stockings for a memento of the occasion.

I was so deep in thought and working up the fantasy of it all that ran into someone with my cart.  I said I was sorry, they said it was alright but I think I really hurt them.  On my way out of the store I was really hoping that he would show up while I was putting everything into my car.  He did not.  Shame really, I think we could of had an amazing time together.

Alleyway Passion

Sexy phone sex

I had the pleasure of seeing a play that I have wanted to see for a very long time the other night.  The evening was perfect. First the play, which was spectacular, then a late dinner and drinks with my good friends.  When we were done with our time together we said our goodbyes outside of the restaurant, and although it was very cold, I wanted to walk back to my Hotel.  I very much enjoy cold weather, and the Hotel wasn’t very far, just a few blocks. 

I put my phone away then started down the sidewalk.  I had to stop to retrieve my gloves from my purse when I heard something down the alley I was next to.  Most people would hurry along, but as you know I am not like most people.  I stepped into the Alley.  I stood still, then I heard a whisper.  I quietly stepped deeper into the alleyway.  I finally could see where those hushed tones were coming from.

A man had a woman up against the side of one of the buildings and he was fucking her hard.  I could see her whole body jump upward with each of his thrusts.  She would take his face in her hands, then kiss him deeply.  I could see their warm breath waft upward in the muted glow of one of the lights way above their heads.  I couldn’t make out feature details, but you could clearly tell what they were doing.

I moved closer until I could hear them.  I looked back over my shoulder at the sidewalk.  Nobody else was walking by.  I had these heated lovers all to myself.  I watched for a few minutes until they finished, then left.  I was so excited to have seen them in that hurried passionate moment.  I went to the Hotel bar, picked up a random gentleman, then took him to my room.  I had him fuck me in the same way the two lovers had been fucking.  Against my wall, lights out, street light cascading in thought the open curtains.  The only thing that was different was that there wasn’t heated breath coming into contact with the cold night air.

There Is A First Time For Everything

Cocksucking phone sexIt seems that my boytoy still has some things that I have yet to discover about him.  We were in the bedroom and he asked me if I could use one of my toys on him.  I was surprised, he never asked before.  I asked him which one he wanted me to use and he stated that he wanted the “big realistic looking one.”  Color me impressed!  As I was using it on him, he confessed that he has had fantasies of sucking off random men’s cocks. I took note of that and stashed it away for safe keeping.

We happened to be in the city and that memory came crashing back to me.  I told him I had a meeting and just to go and check into our Hotel.  He went his way and I went mine.  It took a little while but I finally found what I had been looking for.  I texted him and gave him an address for him to meet me at.  He showed up twenty minutes later with a pure look of confusion on his face.  I talked to the guy behind the counter and in no time at all we were walking up a pair of steps and behind a curtain.

Once back there he asked me what this place was, I promptly told him,”It’s a Glory Hole love.”  He looked nervous.  I told him that I would be there with him the whole time and we would keep the door firmly shut.  We picked a spot and waited.  He kept fidgeting around, I told him to stop and just breath.  The first cock came though the hole, it wasn’t all the way hard, and my sweet toy froze.  I got behind him and instructed him on what to do.  Before long he was drinking cum from a few cocks.

He still has some work to do to become a fantastic cock sucker, but I think with my help he will be a Pro in no time flat.

Chemistry Class

Erotic roleplaying

I have a very close friend who teaches Chemistry on a College level.  I do not get to see her often due to her very busy schedule.  She invited me for a girls night but I would have to pick her up from work.  That was not a problem for me, but finding a god damned parking spot was.  What the hell Colleges? Make more parking spaces!  I thought I was late, however, I was early.  I made my way to her room, and sat down in the back.  She started the class and then she saw me.  She introduced me to the class and everyone said, “Hello.”

I have to admit there were some very yummy snacks in that room.  One of those snacks were sitting across the aisle from me and kept looking at me and smiling.  I was cordial and smiled back.  I was thinking more about the night ahead then anything else.  The last time we had a girls night we almost went to jail.  It was an extremely fun night!

All of a sudden I heard her say, “Mr. Dalton!  If you would kindly pay attention to me and not our guest’s legs it would be greatly appreciated.”  They all turned around to look at the young man who was across the aisle from me.  He didn’t blush, he just apologized and from what I saw didn’t look my way again through the rest of the class.  After the class was over she walked back to me and gave me a hug.  She said she had to get her stuff from the office and she would meet me at my car.  I told her where I was parked and left the room.

Mr. Dalton was standing outside the building, I put my sunglasses on and smiled at him.  I started to walk to my car, he caught up with me and was actually trying to pick me up!  I told him I was old enough to be his young grandmother.  He laughed, he took my phone from my hand and put his number into it.  He said if I ever wanted to meet up for drinks, or something other than drinks to give him a call.  I have to say I was so giddy knowing that someone his age found me attractive.  I just might give him a call, just to see what happens.

You’re In Luck

Cuckold phone sexI bet you are wondering why I am so happy today? It has to do with you babes.  Yes, you!  I have decided that it is time that you had some fun.  I see that smile and look in your eye which indicates that you know exactly what I am talking about.  No, no, not yet.  Come into the bedroom with me first.  That’s right you just follow me.  I’ll even undress you.  It has a been a long time since you have felt my touch on your skin hasn’t it sweetie?  How long has it been? I think about eight months at least.  You are so excited!  Look at you!

Cocksucking phone sexYou sit right there and I will turn on some music.  Remember when I used to strip for you to this music, before your cock decided that it was lazy and didn’t want to work anymore.  Oh honey, it is okay, I am sure we can get it standing up straight and tall in no time at all. Let me just put these stockings around your wrist.  I know, they are soft aren’t they?  They are the ones you brought back from Paris for me.  I just love them.  There, both hands tied tightly along with your ankles.  Wiggle around for me, let’s see if you can get loose. Lovely!  Securely in place.  I promise you will love this.

Domination phone sex

That’s right!  This is the bra and pantie set you purchased along with those stockings!  How do I look babes? Aww, thank you.  I see your cock twitching, I think it just might be working.  Let me just get completely naked … oh shoot!  I forgot something, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I will be right back, I promise.  Her let me wiggle my tits in your face for a few seconds to tide you over until I get back.  I’m almost done, just hang on!  Alright I’m back.  Who is this? Oh this is my new lover.  Don’t look so disappointed my love, you didn’t think I was actually going to allow you to try to fuck me did you? I was just giving you a little thrill before my real fun started.  You look so upset, but at least those stockings that you have close to your skin has my pussy juice on them.  Yes, that’s right, I masturbated with them earlier today, so at least you have that.  Now, I think I want to make this real cock grow so I am going to give this massive new toy of mine a sloppy blowjob.  I am sure you won’t mind watching at all, will you?

Erotic roleplaying

Mother-In-Law Fantasy

Sexy babe

In all the years you have been married to my Daughter there has not been a time where I have not caught you looking at me with lust in your eyes.  Even on your wedding day when you danced with me I felt you press up against me more than you should have, I also felt your hands brush against my ass.  I brushed it off as an accident but as the years have gone on you have become more forward.  You have tried to corner me during Holiday events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, you name it. 

I have to admit, you do make me aroused.  I am not sure what to do though, you are my Daughter’s Husband after all.  I would never want to hurt her in anyway, but the way you have been coming on to me lately is making it harder and harder not to give in.  What if she found out? I am not sure she would ever forgive me.  Perhaps just one kiss? One blowjob? One night in my bed? Would that be so bad?

I don’t know exactly what will happen between us, but I do know that it has to be dealt with soon.  I am not sure how much longer I can stave off your advances.

Lights Off

Mutual Maturbation stories

My Sister phoned me last night and I want to share an experience she just had with you.  She in on one of those dating sites, and this one man whom she has been talking to for a while now asked her if she would be okay with going to dinner with him.  She said yes as she has mentioned him many times to me and was waiting for him to ask.  She said she was so very excited.

She spent the day shopping for a new dress, she got her nails and hair done, and bought some new heels.  She very much wanted to impress him because he was rather handsome.  I had seen a few pics of him, and yes, he is indeed handsome.  She showed up to the restaurant on time and he was waiting outside for her.  She said she was so happy to see him.  They had a great dinner, and one thing lead to another and they ended up back at his place.

They ended up in the bedroom together.  He undressed her and she went to undress him and he stopped her and said that he would be right back.  He went into the bathroom and yelled out that she could get comfy on his bed.  She thought it was a little weird but she climbed into his bed and waited.  He came out wearing a robe and then promptly shut the lights out. Not just that, but he closed the curtains all the way so it was pitch black in the bedroom.  My Sister said this sent up a lot of red flags, but he didn’t stop to pick anything up, or linger, he got right into bed, so my Sister relaxed.

They started to kiss, he was fingering her a little bit, but each time she went to grab his cock he would intercept her hand and push it away.  My Sister told me it was really starting to piss her off, and it was ruining the mood.  She finally pushed him away, got out of bed and turned on the lights.  He quickly pulled the blanket up.  She said she marched over to the bed, pulled back the blanket and immediately started to laugh so hard she almost peed. 

She told me that he was so small that it was almost non-existent.  When she was laughing, it would do this little wiggle thing, which caused her to laugh more.  He was so embarrassed, she got dressed and left.  She said while she was outside getting into her car he was looking at her from his bedroom window and she could tell he was jacking off, or at least trying to because there really wasn’t anything there.  I told her that SPH is a fetish. I explained it to her and she basically said that if he just wanted that she would of sent him my way. 

“Pretty Picky For A Slut”

Ass fetish

We were at dinner and I was wearing my favorite black dress.  It hugs me in all the right places.  When I wear it I like to wear something under it that has just a touch of color.  It cannot be outright seen of course, but it makes me feel sexy.  However, when the dress rides up when I sit down, if anyone is looking, they get a little peek at the color in the top of my stockings.  I think it gives the impression that I am a Lady on the outside, but underneath I’m a little bit of a risque woman. 

I had excused myself from the table to go to the bar to get our drinks as our waiter was extremely slow in his duties.  I was standing there when a gentleman came up to me and asked me if he could buy me a drink.  I politely declined.  He insisted, and I kept refusing, nicely.  I am not sure why but he started to become agitated at my refusal.  I explained to him that I was there with a date and that it would be highly inappropriate for me to accept a drink from another man.  Which it would be.  He leaned in close to me as I was handed my drinks and said, “For a slut you sure are picky.”  The bartender heard him and told him that he should leave.  He told the bartender that only sluts wore red under their clothes for others to see.  Once again the bartender told him to leave.

I made my way back to the table.  My boy toy asked me if everything was alright, so I told him what happened.  He asked me to point out the man.  I chuckled and told him that it didn’t bother me in the least so it shouldn’t bother him.  We had a nice meal then went home.  I made us drinks and took them upstairs to my bedroom.  He was sitting on the bed with a grin on his face.  He said, ‘My sweet slut let me look at that perfect ass of yours.”  I slowly got undressed, teasing him as I went. 

He grabbed me to pull me to him.  He told me that I wasn’t a slut, but he wanted me to pretend that I was for a little while.  I had no problem doing just that!

Spa Day

Mature phone sex

After that insane party on New Year’s Eve, I decided that my boy toy and I needed a spa day.  Having someone pamper you for a couple of hours is well worth it.  A hot stone massage hit the spot.  When I went into the sauna afterward there were already a few people in there.  I spoke to some of the women that were sitting there, and then my boy toy walked in.  He flashed that beautiful smile of his and all the women smiled back.  One of them whispered to me that he was very hot.

I patted the spot next to me, he sat down, leaned in and gave me a short kiss.  I looked at the other women, some of them had their mouths open in disbelief.  I heard one of the women quietly say to another, “Why on earth is he with her? Look at him!”  I do not think she knew that I heard her because she started to speak to me in a friendly manner. Before she could finish her sentence I stood up, dropped my towel and said, “This is why.” I turned in a slow circle.

I know I’m not in the best shape of my life, but for my age my body is amazing.  The woman who was wondering why he was with me started to become uncomfortable.  She said, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”  Bullshit.  Women will snatch as many moments as they can to be bitchy to another woman.  That is a fact.  I said to her, “Perhaps if you took better care of your body you could have a piece of candy as I do.”  I stepped in front of him, he started to kiss my tits.

The women all left, looking back over their shoulder at us.  He was already rubbing my pussy and had his towel off.  The last women out stopped to tell me that she agreed with me, and if I had the chance to have a good looking younger man to fuck then I should take full advantage.  Then she shut the door so that we could fuck in peace.

New Year’s Eve Fetish Party

Domination phone sex

This year my live-in boy toy and I will be attending a very different type of New Year’s Celebration.  We already have our clothing for the festivities laid out. I am very excited to attend this invitation only event.  It pays to know people in high places sometimes. I will be wearing what I am wearing in the pic. Except there will be a change in the necklace, I will be wearing a stunning onyx piece my ex-husband gave to me years ago.  I think it will add the right type of sparkle.  My boy toy will be wearing his Tux, but under the tux he will be wearing his leather shorts that have exposure points on them.  In other words, his cock and ass will be showing, however, his cock will be in a cage. 

I was very surprised when I received an invitation to this party.  My one Domme friend has been telling me about these parties for the last two years.  I could never figure out how she got in, then earlier this year I discovered she was a Domme, then that explained it.  She has told me what goes on and I have to say that it sounds like it will be an amazing experience.  There will be Doms and subs, into different aspects of BDSM.  There are different kinks and fetishes within that heading and they will almost all be represented. 

I do not think my boy toy and I will participate this year, we will just watch, but you never know.  If it makes me horny enough, I might just have to join in, but my poor boy toy will just have to watch as I do not plan on bringing the key to his cage with me.  I know it is a bit wicked, but I think it will be more than alright.

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