I dreamed about being in Oz.

Erotic roleplayingI had this sexy dream that  I was Erotic roleplaying in the Wizard of Oz. It seemed so real that I woke up with wet panties. Ever since I was a girl, I fantasized about how I would play Dorothy in the movie.

My Dorothy would be sweet but slutty. She would wear thong panties and her skirt would blow up in the wind, flashing everyone. The tin man with his shiny cock would get this pussy first.  I’d rust that tin can for sure and then give him some KY to lubricate himself with. Next ,I’d unstuff that scarecrow  fast and hard and leave his straw soaking wet.  I’d be cumming like a tornado.

Who’s afraid of the wicked witch? I’d lick that pussy until she melted into a puddle and she’d be the smiley witch.

OMG, I’m such a dirty girl to make a brat’s movie into a sexual fantasy. And that damn wizard and his smoke and mirrors tricks? I’d fuck him all the way back to Kansas. Give me any innocent tale and let me make it into something sexy and naughty for you.




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