Is My Banana Bigger than Your Dick?

small dick humiliation

Well Is your cock bigger than this banana? I am on holiday for a few weeks and I am just not satisfied by my sugar daddy and his pathetic small willy. I went to the kitchen for a snack and saw the big yellow bananas and I stripped and started fucking myself. My young perky tits bouncing as I came and then ate it covered with my pussy juices! I can take bigger but I was hot and wet because I knew My sugar daddy would love these pictures of me fucking a piece of fruit that is bigger than his dick. I might have a tight young pussy but I love to stretch it out around thick long dicks! I love to be watched by my sugar daddy as he strokes his clit stick. Look at me, Baby! Look at how much I can orgasm around this thick banana. Your cock is not good enough for my pussy. I demand you find me a suitable thick strong and long hanging dick for Christmas! I am a sophisticated hottie teen cuckold Mistress and demand the best in all things. Dick is no exception Baby.

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  1. Eric

    I am your sissy boy forever.

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