Labor Day DP Party

GFE phone sexThe news of your promotion is exciting. You weren’t quite sure how your boss would treat you once you returned to work after the Labor Day pool party, but it looks like he was grateful for the threesome. Thinking back on it, I can still feel my pussy and ass being pounded by the two of you. My mind wanders back to how it all happened.

Everyone had been eating and drinking. It was a lot of fun seeing all the people you work with daily. You worked the crowd with the confidence of a man who knew his worth. That confidence is one of the things that I find so sexy. The other is what is inside those cute swim trunks. As that thought crossed my mind, I realized my pussy was wet inside my bikini. Soon it was over and you were escorting the last guest out. As I waited on your return, I decided on a skinny dip to get the mood right. When you returned, you see me spread out in all my glory. Shocked to see you were not alone, but followed by our boss, I tried to get my suit back on quickly.

You and he spoke for a moment, and you asked me not to dress. Both of you approached me and began touching me in my most intimate places. Knowing I love being double penetrated, you lay on your back on the lounger. I crawled atop you, straddling your cock. He came up behind me and started playing with my backdoor. Before long, he was inside my ass. As I rocked back and forth between the two cocks, I was in heaven.

Thinking about that huge orgasm, I realize my hand is in my panties, playing with my clit. I think the boss is owed something more than a thank you note for the promotion. Maybe we should invite him over for a thank you dinner, with me as dessert.

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