Let Eden take care of those balls

GFE phone sex

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some that you could really fucking nasty with and they could be a hot sexy woman? Well I’m not like your wife or girlfriend I can promise you that. I love to get really nasty and to please you, I want to drain those big fucking balls. I want you to unload those balls all over my big fucking tits, then after I make you drain those balls you don’t even have to talk to me after, Hehe. I can be all that you ever wanted in a filthy slut. I wanna be on hands and knees with my little whore mouth open ready for that cock as soon as you come home from work. I will move my tongue around that big fat mushroom head and then start licking down that shaft all the way to your big man balls. I want you to put both of your big balls in my mouth so I can gargle them and be a good whore. Then after your cock is all nice and wet I will bend over and spread my little ass cheeks so you can get a good look at my tight little cunt hole. Then you can rub your cock head on my little cunt then just start pounding away. You can get all your frustration out on my cunt and get your balls drained at the same time.

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