Like a good neighbor, Valerie is here.

cocksucking phone sexCocksucking phone sex is more than a skill. It takes a bold woman to take all the neighborhood cock like I do and be this proud of it.  I love cock. Small cock, big cock, fat cock, skinny cock, old or young. It really doesn’t matter as long as I can show off my skills and make those boners rise.

I’m proud of my cocksucking skills. Let’s just say that I’m a neighborhood favorite. I’ve broken in both fathers and sons. Some may call me slutty but so what? They are mostly jealous bitches who can’t satisfy their men. If these wives, would suck those cocks and lick some assholes, the men would keep it at home.

When you show up here needing some tongue service, I jump on that dick. And guess what? My husband doesn’t mind. He’s a cuck who lives to hear my stories and suck your sperm from my heated cunt. He and I love it this way. His cock only gets up when I tell him how big yours is, how you moaned when I touched it, and how it gagged me just a little. Come see me and I’ll share your story here too so others like him can jerk off for us.

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