Little Play Thing

I have to use a rubber cock to please my self because that thing in your pants is most definitely not a cock! I don’t think I have ever seen something so small. Are you sure it isn’t just a large clitoris? I mean at least if that were the case it would be considered large. We met at an amusement park, and you looked like you could be my amusement for the night. You are so handsome, and it is such a shame you itty bitty teensy weeny wiener didn’t quite live up to my expectation. I brought you home with me, and we started making out heavy. It seemed as though every time I reached for your cock you pulled away, which only made me even more curious. I yanked your pants down quickly, and was instantly in a fit of laughter. Why would you even come home with me knowing you barely had a cock? You got quite offended, but I waved you off because I wanted the privilege of showing you what a real cock looks like. I used my trusty dildo to pleasure myself while you watch, and I refused your begging to touch your own sorry excuse of a penis. Once I came it was time to have some fun with you, my little play thing. You were to call me master Nancy, and do everything I said without question. If you were a good boy perhaps I would let you cum. I made you suck all off the juices off of my dildo on your hands and knees, and you did so like a good little play thing. Then I took the dildo, still slick with you saliva, and shoved it into your ass. You begged and begged me to let you cum, and only after I had had my fun did I let you cum.

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