Long Distance Cum

GFE phone sexI miss you and your cock so much baby! I loved our video chat last night. It’s amazing that you can make my pussy squirt like no one else, even when you’re far away from me. You video chatted me and showed me your cock out of your pajama pants. It’s so thick and hot! Just when I didn’t think it could be thicker or longer, you showed me you had a new toy. You pulled out a penis enlargement pump from your nightstand and placed it over your cock. You set the phone on your chest and showed me you pumping it and it getting bigger and bigger and bigger. When you finally took it off, it was red and HUGE. It was at least a couple of inches longer and fat! You then told me it wasn’t even hard and I was completely shocked! I wanted to see how much bigger it could get so you started stroking it for me. I mimicked your pace and pointed my phone down at my cunt so you could watch my dildo go in and out of my soaking wet pussy. The way you were talking to me, the memory of the last time we fucked, and hearing your deep voice telling me to cum for you, I felt myself about to squirt. I pulled my dildo out, and stuck my fingers inside, exploding on my hand over and over and showing you how I was dripping for your cock. I begged you to cum for me, and you did. You gave me a huge load and let me watch your extra large cock pulsate, sending glob after glob out. I love that cock baby.

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