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Three’s Company

I loved our 3 girl phone sex call! If there’s anything hotter and more kinky than us three girls getting down and dirty, it’s adding a huge manly hard cock to the fun! We love sucking on each others’ clits, taking our time, going really slow and sensually. We get each other so fucking wet. Kissing and licking and sucking on each other’s tight wet shaven little cunts. We taste our own pussy juices off of each others’ tongues and can’t wait for you to have a taste too. I love sliding fingers into my best gal’s tight little pussies and making them cum. I can’t wait to add your big cock to the fun. I hope you have enough cum for us all to share! We will wear you out!2 girl phone sex

Soaking Wet

I’ve noticed how you look at me from outside of your apartment window every time I go to the pool and lay out to tan, or take a swim. You don’t realize that I can see you masturbate while you watch me. Finally, I got up the courage to put on more of a show today went I went out to the pool. I left my bikini at the lounge chair and went for a little swim. I came out right in front of your bedroom window where you were jerking off, and showed you my soaking wet body. I looked right at you as I started playing with my wet pussy and ass. I smiled at you as we masturbated there at the same time watching each other. SO hot!Mutual masturbation stories

Galentine’s Day

She had never played with another wet pussy before, but we sure changed that. I heard the couple days before Valentine’s Day is “Gal”entine’s Day where you get together and spend time with your girlfriends. So we went out for a couple of drinks and one thing led to another. I’ve always been attracted to her, but when she said she wanted to feel my pussy, I couldn’t resist. I spread my legs wide open and let her have at it. She sucked on my hard nipples and used her long fingers to rub my clit. She tasted her fingers and went down on me, eating every bit. I came all over her face and taught her that she could squirt too when I returned the favor. I think Galentine’s is going to be my new favorite holiday!Best phone sex

Black Cock Fantasies

I can’t stop thinking about of hot fucking phone sex last night. I loved that you invited your big black friend over to use his black cock on me. He was so fucking big, he stretched my cunt right out! His cock was so big around and he really knew how to fuck! He grabbed handfuls of my blonde hair and forced me to deep throat him on my knees. I know you loved watching him use me in that way. I saw the look in your eyes as you stroked your cock and stared at him taking me in every hole that I have! It turned me on so much thinking about it, I had to go out and buy a huge black dildo and have been fantasizing about doing his BBC all day!Fantasy phone sex


2 girl phone sex

I knew you thought I would be mad catching you cheating on me. When I walked in though to find you with that tight hot body teen, I couldn’t help but to join in. You had jumped off the bed and off of her when you saw me walk in, so it made an excellent opportunity for me to strip down and get to know your whore a little better. I started touching her. Then I started licking her and kissing her. You starting stroking your cock in awe watching us. Oh, you like that, don’t you, baby? Maybe she and I don’t even need you to have a good time… That would just be mean to leave you and your hard cock out of it now though, wouldn’t it? Here, I’m going to sit on your little whore’s face while you fuck her tight little pussy. As long as your save your cum for me, baby. Maybe you can shower us both in it!

New Lingerie

What do you think of my new lingerie, baby? I was thinking of you when I bought it with your credit card. When I saw the stockings, I thought of your tongue running up and down my legs, on it’s way to my juicy tight shaved pussy. The black slinky thong with the straps that go high up on my fit waist made me think of your hands wrapped around my waist and bouncing me up and down on your hard cock. The fabric clings to my moist pussy just thinking about it. The bra with the lace and red trim made me think of your pulling it down below my nipples and you sucking and biting them, making me moan. All these thoughts in the middle of the lingerie store actually made me so fucking hot, I couldn’t leave the store without touching myself. Sexy babe

Afternoon Nap

Hot sexy woman

Your cum was the first thing I saw exploding all over me the instant I opened my eyes. I fell asleep on the chaise lounger in the living room watching tv. When I woke up, it was to the sound of you moaning through an orgasm and cumming that startled me. I opened my eyes and you were standing over me, cock in hand. You were staring at my pussy covered in my cotton panties underneath my blue jean skirt. Your ribbons of white thick cum shot from your hard throbbing cock all over my panties, soaking them. My tight sexy ass and skirt and even some of my face was splashed with your cream. I wish you would have let me wake up to receive that come deep inside. 



Sensual phone sexI didn’t tell her when she came over that you would be watching. I know nothing turns you on more than watching the two of us have our fun. We started making out and taking each other’s clothes off. I love feeling her full tits and round ass. I spanked her good. We laid on the couch, fondling each other, when I grabbed her black her and pushed her down to my cunt. She knew what to do. She spread my pussy lips and began licking me up and eating me out. It’s almost like she knew exactly how to position herself so that you could see every single bit. Once I squirted in her mouth and on her face, she hollered out that she was ready for you to join us. She knew you were watching all along! I guess I’m not the only one who gets off on you watching me be naughty. Come fuck us both!


New Man

best phone sexI was so surprised you’d fuck and steal your son’s girlfriend like you did. I was staying over with him when I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink. We had just fucked a few hours ago before falling asleep. When I walked out of his room and to the kitchen I saw you with your cock in your hand, jacking off to my graduation photo. What the fuck? When I called you out about it, instead of being embarrassed that you were caught, you told me that if I left your son for you, you’d kick his ass to the curb and you’d be my sugar daddy. I was shocked and resistant at first, but then I saw how much bigger your cock is than your son and you promised me a brand new white Range Rover! Forget your son. I’ll be your sugar baby. Let’s fuck so loud it wakes him up and you can make him watch daddy steal his girl!


Sexy babeOur sexy workplace role play phone sex was so fun! I came so hard masturbating to our conversation. I loved being forced to take your cock in exchange for you keeping quiet about some shady things I did behind the CEO’s back. I could lose my job and maybe even go to jail if you told anyone what you knew. You made me sign a contract that I’d let you fuck me, lick me all over, suck my toes and even shoot your hot load of cum deep inside me and get me pregnant. I don’t want anything to do with you, but it’s not like I have a choice. If I don’t do everything you want, you’ll blackmail me and I’ll lose everything! I guess I’m your little fucking slave now. Please keep my secrets. I’ll do anything… anything.

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