Loving Lesbian

sex therapist gingerShe came to my office ashamed of the feelings that she could no longer deny. She had a loving husband and the sex was good but she was never aroused by his cock the way she was by the woman in the porno she secretly watched while he was at work. Her pussy would get so fucking wet and the orgasms she had while watching and fantasizing were so much more intense then what she felt when she laid with her husband, Her family was homophobic to say the least and there was no where she could turn. I could see the torment in her eyes from the very first session. She had been coming to my office for a month now. We had discussed hypnosis several times and Friday she finally agreed. My panties filled with cum as soon as she spoke the words. She fell into her hypnotic state easily and everything went well. While under I told her that I would be inviting her for dinner and she would gladly accept and attend with out her husband. I also gave her a key word which when heard would allow her to share all of her lesbian fantasies with me, with out guilt or fear of judgement. After bringing her out of her hypnotic state I politely asked if she would like to join me for dinner and right on cue she responded that she would and asked if she could some alone. I was delighted and another wave of cum filled my panties. My husband, with his small cock, cooked and served a spectacular dinner. Dessert was my hot pussy in her lovely mouth with him watching like a good boy, waiting for permission to squirt the small load that would come from his tiny dick.

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