Meeting The Parents

sexy babe

I met your son a few weeks ago and everything has been going great. So well in fact, he
invited me over to meet you and your wife finally. You were both super kinda, we chatted over
dinner and wine all together like fucking perfect little atomic family but I really couldn’t
help but notice that your son may of gotten his fine taste in women from you. Your eyes couldn’t
stop looking me up and down. I was nervous but I started to like it. I excused myself to the
restroom and wasn’t that shocked to hear a knock at the door. You asked if I needed any help
and I told you only with one more thing. I pulled my skirt up and pushed my panties to the
side- leaning over the sink’s counter top with my ass in the air. You road me hard and we silently
left that bathroom to meet up with everyone again. None the wiser was a single soul. Gotta be honest,
you were such a better lay that now I have to stick around with your son. I absolutely want to
do this again soon, sweetie!!

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