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mature phone sex

I love everything about phone sex. The fantasy, the roleplaying, hearing a guy cum hard in my ear. Today, I was a flight attendant in a roleplaying scenario for a caller. He was flying home from Vegas, where he had won a bunch of money. He and his party were in a celebratory mood, had been drinking for days probably and were very flirtatious and touchy feely. I let them touch, and Mr. Winner and I made our way to the flight attendant only area and shut the curtain. After unbuttoning my blouse and fondling my tits, he went down to his knees, lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to the side allowing for his tongue to flick against my pussy lips and clit making me very wet. I told him to unbutton his pants and take his cock out, then sit down on the floor. I straddled him and put his cock right where it belongs. We fucked there on the floor and I rode him until we both came so hard it was very tough not to scream.

I can’t wait to hear and play out the next fantasy. Call me and let me be your naughty flight attendant, nurse or secretary. We’ll cum together.

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