Mommy Loves to Give Rides

milf phone sexI’m a very active member in our little community, and do whatever I can to help the local youths; even if it’s fucking them senseless. I was driving home from work and spotted one of my son’s hot friends waiting by the school. I pulled up next to him and asked him if he needed a ride home, and made sure that my perky fake tits were on display and my skirt was hiked up to show my toned thighs. Moms always know what boys want, and I was right on the nose. I could see him staring at my hot body as he got in the car. I could also see the huge bulge in his pants as we drove off. As we were driving, I reached a hand over to his thigh and stroked it, just barely brushing that cock of his. I told him I needed to make a quick stop and that I needed his help with something.

We pulled up to my house and I dragged him inside by his collar. I stripped off my suit, revealing my gorgeous tits and mature, but tight, body. He could barely believe his eyes! I told him to “be a good boy and lose those jeans” and he did before I could blink. Even though he was my son’s age, it was clear he was VERY well-developed. I marveled at his BBC and decided that Mommy needed to show him how to use it. I shoved him down on the couch and wasted no time climbing right on that throbbing young cock. I rode him furiously while he grabbed my bouncing tits and groaned.

It was clear he wasn’t experienced and probably wasn’t going to last long, so I instructed him to get on top so I could help him with that technique. That boy fucked my hole like a champ! His stiff prick stretched me to my limits and I couldn’t help but scream! He pulled that BBC out of my dripping cunt and shot a massive hot load all over my mature mommy body. I cleaned up, and took him back to his house and told him to call me ANYTIME he needed a ride. This mommy loves giving all kinds of rides

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