My Dream Night

best phone sexMe and my girlfriends love to be freaky. We enjoy the finer things and conduct ourselves like ladies, but behind closed doors we get dirty. I imagine a lovely day that includes manicures and pedicures and a dazzling night out on the town, complete with wine and fine cuisine. Then me and my girls will go out for a massage before we return to my house to gossip about who has fucked who. Then we will compare our tits to one another and taste each other’s seductive skin. Then, I will slip off my pink bra and panties and we will lick and tease each other’s tender juicy pussies! Then I’ll call you over while I’m still dripping wet. I want you to lift me up and slowly slide you cock into me. We can start slow and intense as I gaze into your eyes and moan for more. You can feel my wet pussy contracting and longing to pull you in deeper. I’ll kiss you deeply and passionately, and ask you to go deeper. I want you so deep inside of me, deeper than anyone else. Give it to me faster until I want to surrender because your dick is pleasing me so much! I want you to make me squirt right in front of my girlfriends. I’m not ashamed. I want to do it with you whenever, and wherever. Then each of my girlfriends will suck your gorgeous cock until you scream in pleasure! Doesn’t that sound magnificent, darling? If you want it, join me for live phone sex so I can give it to you hot and heavy like you deserve!

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